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Kobby Kodua

Kobby Kodua CEng MA MSc MIET PhD (also known as Kwabena Agyapong-Kodua) is an Associate Professor and a Minister of the Church of Pentecost and Elim Incorporated. Kobby is trained in the Sciences, Theology, Education and Management. He is an international voice on matters of science, faith and education. He serves on the Advisory Governance Boards for Regents Theological College, UK and Birmingham Christian College, UK.
Kobby is a prolific writer in five different areas:
1. Apologetics: Faith and Science matters; complex and difficult questions about life (about the existence of God)
2. Theology: Pentecostal Theology
3. Education: Innovative higher/tertiary education strategies
4. Artificial Intelligence and Broad-based Systems Engineering techniques
5. Advanced Manufacturing technologies